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Blue pea Tea

Blue tea, or butterfly pea flower tea, is a caffeine-free herbal concoction, made by seeping dried or fresh leaves of the Clitoria ternatea plant. The best thing about blue tea is that it is caffeine-free, and it is packed with antioxidants. Butterfly pea flower is a common ingredient in many herbal teas, mixed drinks, and cosmetic products.

Graviola Tea

Graviola Tea is an herbal tea that is made from the leaves of the soursop fruit tree. Soursop tea is also called Graviola tea and is rumored to have significant powers to prevent or treat cancer. Despite safety concerns, Graviola is used to treat infections caused by bacteria and parasites including leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites transmitted through the bite of sand fleas

Gymnema Tea

Svm Naturals Gymnema Is A Native Indian Plant This Is Very Helpful For Those Interested In Low-calorie Foodie. This Cup Of Tea Makes You Trim And Also Bitter In Taste And Makes You Better. Net Weight 25 Gm. Maximum Shelf Life Is 24 Months

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea Is A Herbal Tea Made As An Infusion From Deep Magenta-coloured Calyces Of The Hibiscuss Rosasinensis And Hibiscus Sabdariffa . Our Hibiscus Drink Is As Refreshing As It Looks! Loaded With Antioxidants And Vitamin C, It Betters Your Immunity As It Keeps You Awake And Energized . Net Weight 25 Gm. Maximum Shelf Life Is 24 Months

Moringa Tea

The Leaves From Miracle Tree Are An Excellent Ingredient For Making Teas Filled With Potent Antioxidants. Moringa Leaves Can Be Steeped In Hot Water For Several Minutes In A Traditional Tea-making Process. The Leaves Release An Abundance Of Nutrients And Antioxidants Into The Hot Water, Creating A Refreshing And Flavorful Tea, Full Of Beneficial Compounds That Promote Energy And Wellness. One Of The Most Important Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Tea Is The High Level Of Antioxidants That It Delivers.

Moringa with Green Tea

The Goodness Of Moringa And Green Tea In One Delicious Blend Makes For A Perfect Addition To Your Daily Routine. Green Tea Is Loaded With Antioxidants, While Moringa Leaves Boast The Most Robust Nutritional Profile Out Of All The Parts Of The Moringa Plant, Containing Contain Significant Amounts Of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Provitamin A, Vitamin K, Manganese And Other Minerals. Moringa Also Contains All Nine Essential Antioxidants That Are Not Manufactured By The Body. Moringa Leaves Infused With Quality Green Tea And This Blend Contains No Added Sugars, Colorants, Artificial Additives Or Preservatives.

Mughal Masala Chai

Svm Naturals Mughal Masala Chai, Is A Blend Of Strong And Full-bodied Premium Ctc Black Tea And Natural Exotic Indian Dry Spices Which Include Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper And Cinnamon. This Blend, When Brewed With Milk, Creates The Perfect Cup Of Tea Tasting Just Like The Indian Homemade Masala Chai Which Is Globally Popular For Its Taste And Aroma. Place A Teaspoon Of Tea In A Cup And Pour Boiling Hot Water Over It. Infuse For 3-4 Mins For A Clear And Medium Body Liquor. To Savour With Or Without Milk , Add Some Honey Or Sweetener Of Choice. Infuse Upto 5 Mins For A Stronger Brew.

Senna Tea

Senna Leaves Contain Compounds Called Sennosides, Which Stimulate Muscle Contractions In The Intestines. Skin Health: Senna Leaves Contain Essential Oils And Tannins That Help To Alleviate Skin Inflammation. With A Strong Antibacterial Activity, They Can Be Made Into A Compress Which Can Be Applied To Wounds And Burns. Digestive Health: In The Case Of Indigestion, Senna Contains Natural Enzymes That Help To Restore Gastric Juice Secretions In The Stomach.